Why Buy New, When You Can Buy Better Than New.....
Why Buy Used?

There are several benefits of buying used CMMs over buying new. For starters, "They sure don't make them like they used to!" is a commonly heard phrase spoken about today's manufactured CMMs. When CMM manufactures spend more time focusing on increased profit margins and cost savings,  it seems product quality finds itself farther down the  priority list. Coordinate measuring machines  manufactured back in the 1980's and 1990's are mechanically superior to those built today Due in parts, the intrinsic accuracy required prior to error maps. Another valid reason to warrant the purchase of a Used CMM is our economy's growing concern regarding conserving natural resources. Why not do your part, and reduce your company's carbon footprint. Since grade school we've all been taught; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. UsedCMM.com is committed to doing our part by reusing the steel frames and granite off of older model CMMs, reducing our carbon footprint one CMM at a time.

Lower Cost:

On average our Used CMM cost less than half the cost of new. Don't believe it, call us today for a comparative quotation.


UsedCMM.com is owned and operated by Bobier Metrology Solutions. Bobier Metrology has been in the CMM business for over 30 years, with a combined technical knowledge base of over 100 years experience. Our CMM technical staff is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to repair and calibrate CMMs. Our knowledge of CMMs has lead us to what we believe to be a world class method of re-manufacturing outdated CMMs and turning them into top rate coordinate measuring machines. 


All of our CMMs come with a minimum 12-Month warranty. Because we rebuild CMMs and only reuse the granite or cast iron frame, we are able to offer the same if not better warranty than available from a CMM manufacturer. 

No Long Lead Delivery Dates:

In-Stock Inventory! If its on our website, its in stock. We only sell CMMs from our inventory that have been thoroughly disassembled,  cleaned, and remanufactured by our CMM technicians.

Lower Cost of Ownership:

All of our Used CMMs utilize OEM Renishaw products. Renishaw's unrivaled versatility in touch trigger probing, scanning, and high speed scanning applications. Renishaw controllers, servo power amplifiers and the joystick unit have proved highly successful as a retrofit solution. Utilizing Renishaw open controllers allows the customer freedom to choose any I++ DME compatible CMM measurement software program and the choice of any approved CMM calibration source. NO MORE HIGH PRICED OEM CALIBRATION COSTS!! Use of Renishaw probe heads allow for replacement with ease. The simple design of a Renishaw probe head allows the customer the flexibility order new, repair, or replace by Repair By Exchange. The customer can replace the Renishaw probe head and recalibrate probes without requiring OEM service calls. NO MORE OVER PRICED OEM REPAIR SERVICE CALLS!!

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